An anchor to conversation.

The Jungle Pack workbook therapy-journal provides therapists and counselors an anchor for conversation.  This is based on a universal element that all humanbeings share which is our experience with feelings, thinking and beliefs.  No matter how different we are in living situations and physical and mental conditions or where we live, everyone is to some degree impacted by another person’s experience with this.  One example is personal rules and values.  No matter what kind of relationship I might have with my wife and son, whether is is loving or distant and hateful, each one of us prefers a certain way to go about things.  There is going to be some behavior of mine which will at some point trigger emotion in one of the other two people.  On any given day, I may be experiencing a state of mind which makes understanding of someone else’s behavior more difficult (at least initially) to agree with or tolerate.   Sometimes my wants and needs are in contradiction to what other family members or coworkers are willing to fulfill.

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  1. What a great concept!

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