The cost of certain behaviors

  On a daily basis, it is a natural trend for some of us to eat lots of crap and get through the day.  The crap consists of personal/ work time spent redoing and repairing the damage done by others, through human error and some inconsiderate behaviors.  It is a part of life.  It is part of being human and living alongside of other human beings.  Hardly anyone (I want to say no one) is immune to making readjustments, however small in order to get things done and be able to have some time away from the responsibilities.  Life is problem-solving, and of course I am one who is grateful for this fact.

There is going to be a certain amount of time taken up by the occasional detours we have to navigate.  Some days are just full of them and it sure is nice to approach the easier 30 minutes or hour of the weekday just deflating.  And of course, there are many different ways to construct one’s time in order to make even the most challenging detours and patch-ups an  adventure rather than chore.  This is where the empowerment comes clear to us.  The choice in how and what to do with our charges.

But then, there are certain situations which sort of eat away at our resolve.  The behaviors and ensuing results which most people would categorize as extremely unnecessary and discouragingly persistent.  I’m talking about the child’s or teenager’s behavior which keeps earning him/ her a disciplinary penalty and frequent visits with members of authority who don’t live in the house.  The parent or guardian is definitely included in whatever action has to be followed through on.  Any action, such as making sure the young individual attends appointments with Juvenile officers and school principals is time and effort subtracted from work hours and family life at home.

I want to claim the authority to say that most children and youth who are on the path of inviting penalty, tend to make this a pattern.  Since hardly anyone under 17 years of age is living without some form of adult supervision, there is more than one person besides the youth who has to carve out a period of time to endure the results.

With this said, is it safe to say that treatment for destructive behavior is important and worth consistent attention?


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