Ego vs. me and my peace of mind..

Ego is the inflexible and “ready to go when called up” set of defenses.  Anyone of a person’s ego states can actually present itself in full form through statements such as “I always do this” or “That’s not the way he’s supposed to act.”  It’s all about personal protection of the rules!  Ego in any form, is like an un-thinking guardian that is summoned when there is the threat of something happening differently.  And Johnny has unknowingly triggered it.  He has tripped over or knocked down a beehive.  The bees do what they have been trained by generations of beehive population to do.


2 responses to “Ego vs. me and my peace of mind..

  1. My dear,

    May I ask you.
    What is Ego and peace?

    Have a nice day.

    • My definition of ego is the automatic defenses (not connected to problem-solving brain) which impulsively arise through emotion and irrational thought. Peace of mind lies in the act of exploring the facts and taking care of things in a problem-solving manner.

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