The Jungle Pack: Workbook Therapy-Journal now priced at $15 for the pdf on CD

I want to help you master every part of relationships and get back to having a life.

I want to help you make emotions your pets!

Also, I do accept payment through PAYPAL.  Let me know of your order at and an invoice will be sent.

Are you struggling with clients who have minimal insight into therapy or counseling?

Is there a repeated issue with client potential being untapped?

Do you wished more of your clients could take care of personal direction outside of sessions?

Do your relationships with clients need a concrete sense of direction?

Do your relationships with anyone have you feeling trapped?

The Jungle Pack can help with providing an anchor for which your client refers when getting stuck.  It really helps to know about the human condition of forgetting the skills made aware of, when shit hits the fan.  With the Jpack, there is the benefit of documentation of personal strengths, triggers of emotion and wants, so the skills can be practiced to the point of automatic response no matter what happens.

We all have to know so much stuff, which is hard to keep track of due to the fact that life happens fast and inconveniently.

If you have read this far, thank you.

My #1 passion is to help in anyway I can.

See you around,



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