The Time Between Red-Hot and Cool

In the last year, I have been taught the hard way about giving into my red-hot impulse to say something needlessly judgmental.  The surrender to impulse and need for someone to hear me express my anger, has earned me nothing but the silent treatment.  All I wanted was for a certain person (my wife) to join me in agreement.

Much of this comes from the feeling and perception of loneliness.  The occurrence of anger has a lot to do with a situation where a person sees few or no options.  If I’m pissed about a person’s behavior, it usually has to do with how view it as a personal inconvenience.  Or whatever a person says may pose a threat to what I hold dear.  My beliefs are contradicted.

It is only when I take the step forward into an action which has nothing to do with the source of anger, I can get from red-hot to cool much faster.


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