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Three Times My Last Words

It’s my turn now.  It’s my time.  Lights!  Camera!  Action!

The bright yellow, sticky paint envelops my pores as the pool rises and takes more surface.  Slowly, the suffocating embodiment of liquid color threatens to enter my nose.  I say “Bring them in!”

I cite every last crime before them.

“What are you talking about” they say, with confused expressions.

The paint bubbles with my efforts to push it back out with labored breaths and I realize the wasted effort spent frightened by my private thoughts.

Ah, let’s try again.

I touch the flame to my last boat and walk on to the beach.  The surf licks up against my ankles and my body is electric.  This will be my last chance to apologize before leaving the earth.  May forgiveness be my legacy.

She shakes her head and smiles.  “You never even spoke to me.  What did you want to say?”

Fooled again.  The thoroughbreds crush me two by two before I get the chance.  Again.

For the third time, I set the stage for my window of opportunity and motivation to break the spell of fear.  The vines are cut.  My safety net will dissolve and hold no further chance of protection.  With all my strength I jump.  Christina’s hands accept me.

And she says “This is all you had to do.”


The Economy of Behavior

Energy and freedom are two motivating factors we can make mention of when helping the client to look at current behaviors.  Certain behaviors can be considered as hot commodities.  One of them being a physical action which proceeds with very few words attached to it. 

When I tell a child to stop doing a certain action with his possession of an object or toy, it is more effective to take the toy and point to a seat.  No matter how much he/ she protests, I stick to my directive of restricting his freedom to sitting in my prescribed location.  The immediate consequence is his/ her restriction to a spot I pick and loss of the object or toy.  For me to stand there and argue or try to calm protests is to spend my energy when it is not necessary.  My action of swift physical action and few words attached is saving me energy and I have control in the transaction of freedom for the child.