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Who Is Boss Around Here?

think stencil art & graffiti cat

think stencil art & graffiti cat (Photo credit: urbanartcore.eu)

We (human beings in general) tend to dismiss quite a few thoughts that enter our minds throughout the day.  Some of these may hide a helpful ticket of direction.  And I for one will acknowledge, the reason for this being an issue with distance and how we order priorities.  It’s a matter of playing God and letting ego take the reins in life.  What makes me think about the subject, is whether ego (which does not know reality) is permitted to run things.  Does any business in life prosper off of mindless judgement?

There’s no telling what could be put together over a period of time and consistent effort when the thought of investing in a project is nurtured and acted upon.  Many artists have been amazed by their own works that materialized and grew to fruition because of the many steps taken keep the idea alive.  The idea always starts in the mind.  It may visit during moments of stark consciousness, while driving or walking the dog.  Some thoughts are like a comet streaming through the sky.  The jolting body signifies a limited access for the view.  How does our inner critic (blind to the world around us) get to make the decision about whether or not to make note of the potential of such a natural force?  Who gets to say which idea deserves a more thorough investigation?