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You’re HOT!: Steps 1, 2 & 3

The Runner.

1. Taking care of yourself– No matter how you actually look, if you’re in the process of working on the goal of better health, then YOU ARE HOT.  Any form of self-care is HOT.  You’re on the move, presenting to the world a courageous act of saying “I matter!  No matter what’s going on nor how I’m feeling, I’m shining my shoes and building muscle!”  People on the move are HOT.

2. You Love people in spite of the behavior– When you are paying more attention to people’s strengths and potential, you’re HOT.  It has to do with being smart.  The great things about people are many times more abundant, than the few behaviors which offend us.  Investing in what you love makes for more feelings of love.  When you practice LOVE, you emanate warmth.  When you emanate warmth, you’re HOT.

3. Doing your thing- You’re the one who spends time honing the craft or working on a project.  And chances are, it sets you apart from the others at least for the time being.  This makes for automatic HOTNESS because the activity draws questions.  You are automatically HOT when people are asking questions.  You are on the move.  Even criticism about what you do is HOT, because the other person is spending his/ her time and energy on you!