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I’m Already Gone

Yes, I can see your shoulders rising and nostrils flare.

The teeth clenching betrays your power in this hall

and those who walk by are now watching a one-man show.

Because you see, I’m already gone.

As I cover more ground, your screams are fading.

The anger persists in a vacuum of fear to stand frozen in,

for reasons to serve a lonely man.

No threat is present, because I’m already gone.

No one is watching your descent to defeat.

The plaster won’t speak when smashed by your fists.

Your smoldering, bitter curses will not touch my ears.

Can’t you see I’m already gone?

DWP: on the subject of power between two.


The Wonderful Use of Numbers/ The Counselor’s Compass/ July

I don’t know how many other therapists and counselor’s mention the use of numbers in the treatment plan to the client and guardian/ parent during intake.  I find the practice very useful and an encouraging way to start the relationship.

There are such clear terms of goal-setting to spell out for the folks sitting before me at intake time.  “I’m going to help you with this behavior that is done 5-6x per day, 5 days per week and bring it down to preferably zero times or at least a smaller number.  This could possibly equal more time to do what you want and less time being in trouble.             DWP