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The anatomy of time-wasting assumptions.

Right now, I am writing another book on goal-setting.  More elements that are factored into a person’s effort to maintain personal goals have occurred to me with each sentence I construct.  There are so many experiences which I can attest to regarding how assumptions of other people’s behavior can get in the way and waste time.  I put in an example concerning my tendency to pout and grumble when someone else is using the laptop and I am wanting to write.  Sometimes my want

is driven by a blind passion to create.  By blind I mean letting my frustration build up with every moment I don’t get to do what I want.  My brain isn’t connected to my mouth at the time.  I start thinking “She (my wife) could care less if I ever get to write!”

Instead of scheduling a couple of hours in the evening to write and telling Christy way before this appointed time, I get into the habit of relying on impulse.  This results in me wanting to tackle something in the middle of her activity.  So here I go with the silent, festering angst which slowly builds up by each consecutive moment that my fingers aren’t hitting the keys.  Passion and a spin-cycle of fabricated “unfair” thoughts have a strangle hold on my tongue, of course until I decide to say “Christy.  I need to get on the laptop” and see what happens.

David W. Peace