Counselor’s Compass Newsletter Vol. 1/ Token Reward/ Reinforcement


Token Reward

Benefits I have found with using this system to structure a therapy session are:

1. Actual attention (client’s) to the therapy or counseling tasks at hand,

2. A stream of focus is maintained with client looking forward to what’s at stake when tokens are exchanged,

3. Counselor or therapist is maintaining control in the session and client is gaining control over his/ her choice to be rewarded or be denied a token,

4. Reward can be time doing what client wanted to do.  There are no limitations.

5. Parent, guardian, teacher or counselor can integrate activities and everyday things taken for granted, into structure through token reward.

6. Client is seeing rewarded tasks and behaviors as valuable.

We all get paid for what someone thinks is valuable, like being available for a session.


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