Handling Bad Cops

The only thing I ever learned about getting a switch taken to the back of my legs, was to make sure I stayed out of sight of the switch-wielder when doing the bad deeds.  So let’s not go for the switch when handling bad cops (some New York City police officers, for instance).

Instead, we can look at what really made me think twice about doing stupid things, like having someone else own my free time.

Parents who know how to make use of a kid’s time, are able to cover a lot of ground in the household and keep up a functional hierarchy, teaching the art of accountability without hostility.

With that said, here is a list of community service jobs for bad cops to do (before and after their regular shifts) under the supervision of private citizens:

Wash the school buses.

Serve in the soup lines.

Clean the city parks by hand.

Clean up the environmental hazard sites.

Walk people’s dogs.

Groom people’s dogs.

I’m sure there are many other community service jobs that other people can think of.

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